Jesmond ( North and South )

WHO ARE WE? This is a group for those that live and/or work in Jesmond/Sandyford to help each other out over the coming weeks and months. Please add any friends who might be interested.

We are here to connect willing local volunteers with their neighbours, people who might need help to access food, groceries, basic errands etc – particularly those who are vulnerable. We have divided Jesmond into 36 areas.

Each area has an area rep, who has leafletted their own area with their personal contact details. If anyone contacts the area rep needing help, the area rep will also have details of other volunteers and can coordinate.


If you live in Jesmond and want to be linked up with your local neighbours, Join the facebook group and then look under ‘Files’ for ‘Area Map’. Scroll through to work out what area you are in – numbers 1-36. When you know your area, go to the file called ‘Area Reps’ to see the name of the person coordinating your area, and send them a message.

If you have any difficulties with any of this, please post in the group or message admin for help and someone will guide you.

If you would like to receive the whole group emails from Yvonne (admin) please fill in our survey. The link is also under ‘Files’ on our Facebook Group, called ‘Jesmond Neighbours Survey’.

1. Go to
2. Login as a ‘student’. (You do not need to register)
3. When you are asked for a ‘room’ type ‘JESMOND’
4. Start the quiz/survey


Use your common sense. We recommend area reps consider setting up Whatsapp groups where possible so people are accountable to each other when volunteering. Wash your hands thoroughly before delivering anything, including leaflets. Keep 2m away from people. Please do not enter people’s homes at any time for any reason. Protect each other from harm. Protect residents from harm, even from volunteers.

Contact us

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07735 770365

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