This is a group for Elswick residents looking to help each other out during the Covid-19/corona virus pandemic. We are aware this is a worrying time for some people especially if you live alone and have to self-isolate.

We will be looking to help people access food, complete errands etc – particularly those who are elderly, disabled and/or immunocompromised.

This is a Go Fund Me for the Elswick Covid19 Mutual Aid, to allow people to pay for things without using cash or exchanging bank details. People who want things will transfer money to the Go Fund Me page, volunteers will then be reimbursed. (No single transaction above £20 will be made)

Expenditure by Elswick Mutual Aid Group and donations to this page are publicly updated with receipts where possible and is viewable here.

At the end of the pandemic any remaining funds in the GoFundMe will be donated to local anti-poverty charities. (TBD)

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