Newcastle upon Tyne Covid 19 Mutual Aid Group

Welcome to the Newcastle upon Tyne Covid 19 Mutual Aid Group!

This Group has been specifically set up for the coordination, planning and delivery of support for Newcastle upon Tyne residents who are impacted by the Covid-19 virus.

This is a group of local residents offering to volunteer (for free) try to help others in need or to receive help if needed. We are not medical or care professionals.

Everyone should practice good hygiene and keep up to date with the latest NHS advice at Please look after your own health and needs and follow the NHS advice. Always exercise common sense to safeguard your own wellbeing and property (for example, do not allow strangers to enter into your home and do not share any financial information).

We have setup groups matching the local political ward boundaries. You can find the page specific to your ward here or by entering your postcode below.

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There is an overall Facebook group for co-ordinating across the city.

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